April 15, 2012

What this blog is going to be about:

I love playing up my eyes with different colors, but my only problem was: Folds under my eyes. The skin under my waterline has a crease that becomes very annoying because all my kohl and eyeshadow goes and fills it up, making it look like my eyes are tired and just..dirty. Thanks to my mom, I also have puffy eyes. Those don't help much either. When i did some research online, i found out that under eye folds happen more in certain ethnic races. Asians mostly. Mongoloid eyes tend to not have creases on top i.e., Monolids. Sometimes the reverse happens and you might end up with a fold under your eye. So with a lot of practice, i came up with ways to overcome these problems and still create gorgeous eye makeup. This is what this blog is about.

 See that annoying little line?

Every now and then, I shall be uploading pictures and instructions of looks that i come up with, so that these "issues" will never again be a barrier to imperfect eyes that say Eye am perfect ♥


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