May 09, 2012

How to choose colors

When my mom took me to a makeup store to buy my first 'own' lipstick, i saw this shade that looked really good on the model. It was a frosty pink and I immediately picked it up without testing it first, and ended up having my first lipstick look really bad on me. Back then, I wore it and ran around the house anyways, but my point is, has this happened to any of you before? Did you ever buy makeup that looked really good on others but not that great on you? Here are a few things u need to know so that it never happens to you again!

Everyone has different skin color, either warm or cool. Warm skin has yellowish undertones whereas cool skin has bluish undertones. To find out what type of skin you have you could:
  • Hold a plain white sheet of paper up to your face and identify what main color you see.
  • See if you look better in a white top or cream top. If its white, you have a cool skin tone and if it's cream, you have a warm skin tone.
  • Wear jewelery. If silver suits you more, then you have a cool skin tone. If gold suits you more, then you have a warm skin tone.
Visible difference: Warm and Cool skin

Once you have identified what skin tone you have, keep in mind these guidelines while purchasing makeup.

FOUNDATION: Warm skin tones should buy foundation and powder with a yellow undertone, and cool skin tones should buy foundation and powder with a pink or blue undertone

BLUSH: Go for a pink, beige or tawny color if you have a cool skin tone. For warm skin tones, Warmer colors like copper, bronze, peach look good. For tan skin, you  can use peach, reddish-orange and coral colors.

Shades 3, 5 are for cool skin, shades 1, 2, 6 for warm skin and shades 4, 7 for tan skin.

LIPSTICK: Select lipsticks and lip liners based on their dominant color. If they are warm red, brown, magenta, or purple, they will look good on warm skin. Cool skin girls should go with orangey red, light purple, and pink.

 EYESHADOW: Choose white, silver, gray, pale blue, purple, or dark green eye shadow if you have cool skin. Warm skin will look good in bronze, coral, red, pink, cream, light brown, and soft green.

Notice how the green and gold eyeshadow with dark brown contouring looks better on my warm skin than slate blue and gray and hints of black. (Ignore all the fallout please :p)

If warm skin gals would like to use cool shades or vice versa, the best option is to tone down the coolness with warm colors. For example, blue eyeshadow with gold (for warm gals trying cool shades) and  coral/pink eyeshadow with silver (for cool gals trying out warm colors).

Another thought i had was to use any color you want to try, without blending, as a sharp line. Everyone may not be able to carry this look off, but single, solid eyeshadow colors paired with complementary blush and lipstick will look HOT I think.

Gold/silver with a matte red lip, Blue/Green with a creamy pink lip, Maroon/Burgundy with a nude lip and so on..

If you're not the kind of gal to play safe, then let me assure you that at least with eyeshadow, a cool shade actually complements a warm eye color and vice versa. That means, that if you have brown, green or hazel eyes, blue and silver eyeshadow can still look very pretty on you, same way, blue and gray eyes will look beautiful with brown and gold eyeshadow.

Moral of the post: Keep in mind your undertone while purchasing foundation, concealer, blush and lipstick. And go experimenterazy with eyeshadow!! ;)

So.. What are your views?


  1. Hi, I am bulding my new house and am looking to pick up a good color or paint that can suit exactly to my interior and exterior purpose. Any valid close suggesions having similar taste would be appericated. Any idea?

    1. Choosing paint colors for your home is not the same as choosing makeup for you skin...
      I would suggest that choose a color that complements the area surrounding your house and then pick a color for the interiors. Also, keep in mind the kind of interiors you prefer- ethnic, minimalistic, contemporary etc. Once you have decided on these factors and things like furniture and tiles, you will be able to choose a paint color too.

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