May 07, 2012

Know your eye:

EYEBROWS should be groomed, plucked/threaded and shaped. Generally Caucasian and Asian eyebrows need filling. Indians tend to have thick eyebrows that look fake if over darkened. Over plucked eyebrows look very bad and need to be corrected and covered up using an eyebrow pencil till the hairs grow back.

BROW BONE needs to be highlighted. Use a matte eyeshadow lighter than your skin during the day time and a shimmery one at night. a highlighted brow bone adds more dimension to your eye and makes your crease look deeper.

CREASE is the deepest part of your eye which means that this will be defined using dark, matte colors. the shape of the crease can be altered to completely change the way your eye looks

LID is where you apply the eyeshadow that you want your look to be all about. Use dark, light, matte, shimmery, neon, glitter, cream or gel based eyeshadow and eyeliners.

LASHES are to be coated with one or two coats of mascara for the best look. depending on what your lashes look like, you need to use lengthening, curling, volume or definition mascaras. Upper lashes should be curled and mascara should be applied to upper and lower lashes. this opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger and brighter.

UPPER WATERLINE can be lined with kohl to make sparse lashes look dense.

LOWER WATERLINE can be lined with an eye pencil in fun colors to match your look. On a daily basis, it is lined with black kohl or kajal, dark brown kohl, etc. It may also be lined with white to make your eyes look bigger.

INNER CORNER should be highlighted with the same color as the brow bone to make your eyes look brighter.

LOWER LASHLINE can be lined with eye shadow, eyeliner or pencil to complete the look.

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