May 15, 2012


Contouring (or face sculpting) is like makeup's gift to womankind. When done correctly, it can drastically change the shape of one's features and make a big difference, specially in pictures.  It is generally done after applying foundation, powder and eye makeup. Highlighter, blush and bronzer are applied after contouring. During the day time tough, contouring with a champagne colored shimmery eyeshadow makes an very natural look.

Contouring makeup involves two things: contouring and highlighting. Wherever required, shadows are darkened (contoured) and parts of the face that stand out are highlighted. Here are a few illustrations explaining contouring.

Contouring- She looks tribal no?

In the above pictures, specially the second one, it is clearly visible how contouring can give a very chiseled look to the bone structure in the face.

 Look at your eyes from different angles. Identify the areas where natural shadows occur (crease, socket). Areas like the brow bone, under eye are and inner corner should be highlighted.

Following the natural shape of the socket, use a dark brown contouring powder to create the illusion of a shadow. Use a fluffy brush and light back and forth movement. Highlight the brow bone, inner corner and middle of  the eyelid with a highlighter pen and blend. you can also use a lighter or shimmery eyeshadow.

Suck your cheeks in and find the shadows the show you your cheek bones. contouring this area will make your cheek bones stand out and give your face a sleeker look. Use a round brush and contouring powder in a circular motion towards your ears (not away from them).

You can also contour around your temples if you want to, but that is rarely required. And that's it! Contouring can bring a change to your face so easily. See for yourself!!

After Contouring
Before Contouring

Notice the difference between my nose bridge before and after? Also, contouring the eye socket makes one's eyes look bigger. To counter that effect you can use eyeliner and/or kajal. I use kajal out of habit though. Also make sure that you use a light touch of blush ( read my post on how to find your personal color here) because contouring can wash your skin out and a little blush and tinted lip balm or lipstick will bring some color in. Feel free to comment if you have any questions! Happy Contouring!!

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