May 22, 2012

Easy Trick: Thick Lashes using Loose/Talcum Powder

Apart from a healthy diet and gentle care, do you know what can help you get thicker and longer looking lashes? Talcum Powder!! Yes, that's right! When used sensibly, talcum powder is actually a very handy tool. It can:
-Help mattify oily areas on your face. Just rub a small amount between your palms, clap a few times and blot your face.
-Save you from oily roots. Just rub a small amount on your palms and finger comb through your roots. Brush your hair.
-Make your lipstick last longer by first applying it, then blotting on a tissue. Pat a small amount of powder on your lips to mattify and re apply the lipstick.
- Make your lashes look thick & long (I will show you how)

These are my fav uses of Talc. What are yours??

How to make your lashes thick and long?

 You will need:
-Eyelash curler (optional but recommended)
-Mascara (I'm using Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Mascara- waterproof)
-Talcum powder
-Fluffy brush.

This is how my lashes look before and after curling and mascara:
 After applying a coat of mascara, Using a fluffy brush, dust your lashes with talcum powder. Gently wipe away the excess with the same brush.

Now apply the second coat of mascara, and Voila!

Haha! You can see the reflection of my camera in my eyeball!!

Here is a before after comparison of normal mascara and powder trick mascara:

If you want to use this trick when you apply eyeshadow, simply apply one coat mascara and powder beforehand, finish your eye makeup and the apply the second coat!

What are your favorite Rescue Tricks?


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