September 16, 2013

Late Night Party Makeup

I LOVE SATURDAY NIGHTS! Actually, I love the parties that happen, mostly, on Saturday nights. All you need is a group of people to dance with and some awesome music. Then you need the perfect outfit, comfortable shoes, and.. Makeup! So, I put together a party look that's quick and easy, and will stay put till the end of your long and fabulous night!

Here's what you need:
Gold eyeshadow
White eyeshadow
Matte Black eyeshadow
A bright pencil/shadow to use as liner
Eyeliner, Kajal, Mascara
Clear/brown lipgloss

1. Start with a clean face. Fill in your brows, prime your lids and apply the gold eyeshadow. Stay within the crease.

2. Apply a thin layer of white eyeshadow from the crease till your brow. Don't pack on too much color as we want the white to look sheer, not opaque. Also highlight the inner corner of your eye with the same color.

3. Now, you need to pick a nice bright color to line your upper lash line with. I chose a bright blue. You can also pick an emerald green, purple, hot pink (anything you want!). Lightly draw a line using the pencil/shadow. You don't need to get it perfect now as we will be re-lining. Using the black eyeshadow and an angled brush, start drawing in a crease halfway. Join the black line with the blue.

4. Blend the black out extremely well. Darken it if you want to. Now, re-do the eyeliner, drawing a bright, sharp line. Wing it out as you like. Also, draw a VERY thin line with liquid black liner. You could skip this step and just tight-line with kajal instead.

5. Line your lower lashline with the gold. Finish off with kajal and 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara. Clean up around your eye makeup if you need to, and follow up with your foundation-concealer routine. Use a natural peachy blush and a subdued clear/brown lipgloss.

Aaand, you're done! Have a great night out, stay safe and party responsibly!

Remember! Never sleep with makeup on! Always remove makeup and moisturize before you sleep. You could even use moisturizer/oil on a cotton ball to remove makeup. Have fun and Stay Pretty!! xoxo

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