May 10, 2012

Bipasha Basu: Foundation Blooper!!!

Look at this picture carefully. Can you see the striking difference between the skin on her face, neck and back? Nobody is perfect, and it is natural to have darker skin on some body parts and lighter skin on others. But in this picture, it's clear that Bips' foundation is a little too light and not well blended at all!! It's like she's wearing a mask that ends just behind her pretty earring! It is very important to select a foundation that matches your skin tone.  Over here, her foundation has a cool undertone whereas Bips actually has a warm undertone.

If you want your face to look brighter in photos, then one shade lighter than your original skin is all you can afford, because anything lighter will make a foundation mask show up under flash. Also, the formula of your foundation should be light and emollient, not thick and chalky (Revlon's photoready is very good that way, or even l'oreal true match with that roller thingie). Even the powder you use to set your foundation has to be the right shade, or your face will look whiter than the rest of you.

A lot of people tell me that my face resembles Bips'. Maybe because of my dusky skin color, but anyways, i gave her makeup look a try. I was too lazy to put on earrings, but my point about the necessity of an even skin color was made.

I used a tinted moisturizer by Lotus and my Covergirl compact. The eyemakeup is really simply. I used a dull white gold eyeshadow on my brow bone and lid, and a tan and dark brown eyeshadow to contour my crease, socket and nose bridge. Black liquid eyeliner in a wing and lots of mascara. A peach blush, and coral lipstick.

So, I hope that this post has been useful in telling you HOW IMPORTANT it is to have the right shades for your skin. Check my post on how to choose the right shades for your skin tone. Good luck!

PS: How is the new hair color? Do comment!!

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