May 08, 2012

Toucan inspired eyeshadow

I randomly saw this photo of a Toucan on my sisters computer, and loved the gorgeous colors on this birds huge beak!! The lime green and sky blue contrasting with the bright orange and dark red was just so beautiful, i thought i would give the incorporation of these colors in makeup a try. I only used my 180 palette for this look ;)

First, I used a white-gold color on my brow bone, and pulled it down till my crease, and extended it till my inner corner. Then, i used a black liquid eyeliner and drew a curved line like in the picture. i started from the crease, about 1/3 of my eye, and curved it down till my lash line, just a little away from the outer corner.

Next, I used lime green and sky blue eyeshadow and filled in the curve. I also stuck a little tape from my outer corner till my eyebrow tip to give the look a sharp and pointy shape.

I used a matte black eyeshadow and an angled brush to extend the curve outwards, and... Oops! Fallout. I kept cleaning the fallout as i started filling the space in with black eyeshadow.

Once i filled in the black, i used a small fluffy brush and blended it out. Once i peeled the tape off, i had a cat eye shape like this------>
The blending can be avoided i guess, but i didn't want a very hard look.
Also, i lined my lower lash line with orange and red eyeshadow, and drew a VERY thin line using black eyeliner on my lid.
(I also realized that the Toucan colors were looking like a rainbow)

Finally, i curled my lashes, applied kajal and 2 coats of mascara, top and bottom. I also used some golden glitter dust brushed randomly around but it isn't showing in this picture :( This completes the eye makeup.

For the rest of my face, i used lacto calamine and loose powder. I used bronzer on my T zone and a warm peach colored blush on my cheeks. For my lips, I tried 3 different colors: a gold-brown gloss, a maroon shimmer lipstick and a matte red one. I can't decide which one looks the best, but i think the strength of a look should depend on the occasion.

Brown gloss
Red Lipstick
Maroon Lipstick


  1. Tooo Good Sneha !! Loved the play of color's... beautiful combo's ..not once overdone n the best thing is it will suit Indian Coloring ...So far the one's on You Tube have all been useless for me !! N u know how much i love doing up my eyes :)
    V Proud of you...All the BEST !!

    1. Thanks Mona Aunty!! Keep checking, I will be making atleast one post every 2 days because of hols :)