May 07, 2012

Neon Green Eyeshadow

Neon eyes are a daring look and a fun trend these days.Even though runway looks are not suitable for everyday wear, you can always tone a neon look down to your comfort level. Here's my version of neon:
winged eyeliner

double winged eyeliner

nude pink lips

1. Prime your eyelids
2. Highlight your brow bone (A. From ELF smokey eyes beauty book)
3. Apply neon green eyeshadow (B. from Amuse 180 shades Palette). Don't apply too much at once, slowly layer on product with 2-3 applications.
4. Using an angled brush, line your lower lashline.
5. Apply kajal on upper and lower waterline
6. Highlight your inner corner (A.)
7. Apply liquid eyeliner, slightly extend and wing it.
8. Curl lashes and apply mascara.
9. Finish off with foundation routine, bronzer and lipstick (elle 18 color bombs shade 30 Cinnamon Bun).



1 comment:

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