June 07, 2012

Tropical Sunset Eyes

The beautiful South Indian city of Vizag is my hometown. It is a scenic port city with amazing beaches and lovely hills. I always thought the sunset skies were beautiful and romantic, so I decided to do an eyeshadow look inspired by this awesome blend of colors.
This look is an evening look and will look good on most skin types. It is also extremely easy to achieve.

To recreate this look, you will need:

Primer/ Vaseline
Eyeshadow brush
Yellow/bright gold eyeshadow
Red eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow
Pink lip gloss

Make sure that the yellow, red and purple are all either shimmery, or matte. Do not mix between the two as this will end up looking not so nice :) I am using shimmery eye shadows from my Amuse Professional 180 Eyeshadow Palette.

1. Start with a clean face, without any makeup. Prime your eyelids or use moisturizer or a super thin layer of Vaseline. I am trying my ELF eye primer. Not liking it that much as it dries up too quickly. I prefer my all-time favorite Lacto Calamine.

2. Using an eyeshadow brush apply the yellow or bright gold eyeshadow. Start from the inner corner and color 1/3 of your eye. Do not go too much above the crease line.

3. Apply the red eyeshadow to the middle of your lid and blend with the yellow/bright gold color without exceeding the crease line. The two colors will mix and create an orange color which will make the transition of colors look smooth and well blended. Avoid bright shades of red like tomato red. Try using a cherry red or blood red color. (This may sound weird, but sindoor is a good substitute for matte red eyeshadow. It has to be handles carefully to avoid fall out. but the color is generally gorgeous)

4. Apply the purple eyeshadow to the outermost corner. Here, you may create whatever shape looks best according to the shape of your eye. Remember to bring the color in towards the yellow, as shown in the picture. This purple will be visible above the crease line. Use a warm shade of purple (understand the concept of warm and cool shades by reading this post.) to stay in sync with the yellow and red, which are both warm colors.

5. Highlight your brow bone with your favorite highlighter. Use the purple eyeshadow on your lower lash line. Use black liquid liner, without creating a wing, kajal on your waterline and finish off with mascara.

6. Complete the look with your regular foundation-concealer-powder routine. Use a warm peachy blush on your cheeks and finish off with a pink shimmery lip gloss.

Stay Beautiful! xoxo

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