June 09, 2012

Lime Green and Lavender Glitter Eyes

Glamorous without being overdone!
Glitter always adds an element of fun and excitement to makeup. It can look tacky if overdone, but if done the right way, it can make up for a really cute look. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to achieve a glamorous, glitzy look with cool colors that can be worn as a day look without the glitter!

You will need:

Lime Green eyeshadow
Lavender/Purple eyeshadow
Clear lip gloss or eyelash glue
Cosmetic Glitter (DO NOT use art/craft glitter)
Pink/purple lip gloss

Tip: when using two or more eyeshadow colors, i prefer to not mix and match textures. Unless the look demands it, i avoid pairing shimmers with matte, cream eyeshadow with powder, etc., as it might end up looking weird.

1. Start with your normal foundation routine, and prime your eyelids using a primer, Vaseline or moisturizer. Remember, any waxy/greasy cosmetic substance (lip balm, lipstick, kajal, eyeliner pencils, etc) can be used as primer as long as eyeshadow will stick on to it. Apply the lime green eyeshadow from the inner corner till you've covered half your eyelid. Do not go over the crease.

2. Apply the lavender color on the outer have of your lid and bring it along the crease, towards the inner corner, above the lime green eyeshadow. (Shown in the picture)

OPTIONAL STEP: Take a dark purple or brown eyeshadow and lightly shade your crease to deepen the shadows in your eye.

3. Line your lower lash line with the lime green and lavender.

4. Now for the fun part, There are two ways to glitz up your eyes:

a. Find the V shape near the outer corner of your eyes (i have marked it with a pencil in the picture to show what i mean), and LIGHTLY apply some clear gloss (the glitter will stick on to this) to the area. Using a brush or your finger, pat the glitter in. Voila!

b. (My fav) Using your eyelash glue ( many of you may object but I used diluted craft glue (fevicol), applied with a brush) make a trail of 4-6 tiny dots. Using a brush or your finger, dust the glitter on. You will gave a glittery trail with glitter dots once the glue dries. Don't worry about gllittery fallout because in this case, it won't look bad. It'll just add cuteness everywhere! :D

5. Highlight your brow bone with your favorite highlighter. For this look, liquid eyeliner seemed too harsh, so i used a thin eyeliner brush and lined my upper lids with a dark brown eyeshadow. You can also use a pencil eyeliner, just make sure the line is thin and neat. Line your waterline with kajal, and finish off with mascara.

6. For the rest of your face, use a shimmery pinkish blush, and a hot pink or purple lipgloss. And you're done!

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