June 05, 2012

Wearable Cleopatra Eyes

Cleopatra VII, the Egyptian queen has always been a mysterious and powerful personality in the pages of literature and history. She has been linked with great men like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and has always been described as an exotic beauty. The fact that she was an Egyptian Royal, and also the way she has been depicted in the Asterix and Obelix series was enough for me to want to recreate a makeup look inspired by her beauty.
In this picture I found of her, you can see an elaborate headdress, super-straight hair and exaggerated eyebrows and eyeliner in a general bluish color standing out on her olive skin.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to recreate a wearable Cleopatra inspired look. This look is definitely an evening/party look as it is too heavy for a casual occasion. Wear it with a white dress, a cream sari or a black ensemble or a purple tunic! Be creative and experiment with what looks best on your and your personal style. This look can also be worn in different colors, but I will stick to blue since it is specific to Cleopatra.

You will need:
Blue eyeshadow (electric blue or navy blue. Avoid royal blue. Try to stick to medium shades; not too dark or light).
Dull Gold eyeshadow
Contouring/Dark brown eyeshadow
White eye crayon/pencil

1. Start with a clean face, sans the foundation or primer. Using a kajal pencil, line your eyes in this shape. Follow your natural lid and socket. Do not worry if the line is messy as it will be covered. 

2. Take your blue eyeshadow and apply it all over the lid, covering the black lines. Do not exceed the line.
Navy Blue (my fav)
Electric blue

Electric Blue
Navy Blue

Notice how the color is darker over the black line and lighter over bare skin? This enhances the shadows in your crease and makes your eye look rounder. If you prefer your eyeshadow being even, just use a primer before using the black pencil or eyeshadow.

3. Take your dull gold eyeshadow and apply it from the crease till the brow bone. Use some on the inner corner as well.

4. Contour your eyes lightly on top of the gold. This will add more depth to the look. 

5. Using a black liquid liner, line your top lid, and create a sharp wing. Line your waterline with a white pencil and use kajal on the lower lash line. The white eye pencil will make your eyes look bigger 

Finish off with Mascara on your lashes. You could also create an Egyptian style wing instead of the normal one, and avoid the white pencil and simply like your eyes thickly with kajal.
I prefer this look

6. Once the eye makeup is done, conceal your dark circles, apply your foundation, powder, peachy blush and lipstick. I recommend using a Nude lipstick if you want your eyes to stand out, or a dark brown/maroon color if you want an overall heavy look.

I prefer nude lips for this look. Remember to accessorize and wear a gorgeous smile!

Do leave your feedback/comments and let me know if there are any specific requests!

Stay Beautiful!

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