July 06, 2012

You Crazy Leopard!!

How's about a crazy leopard print look? Follow the jump to learn how to use fun colors and leopard prints!!
What you need:
White eyeshadow (preferably matte)
Bright neon colors (I'm using green)
Highlighting eyeshadow (pick a color that suits you best)
Eyeliner brush
Red/Hot Pink lipstick.

1. Use a heavy-duty primer on your eyelids. A thin layer of Vaseline will also suffice. Using an eyeshadow brush apply white eye shadow to your lid. Keep it within the crease line.
Tip: do not load your brush with color and start applying as this will create fallout. Use small amounts of eyeshadow and build the color to an almost-opaque white.

2. Keep your eyes open and apply the green eyeshadow  starting from the inner corner, all the way out, above your crease line. Leave only a tiny gap for highlighting the brow bone.

3. Using your liquid eyeliner, create thick "C" shapes on the outer part of your eye. Dab a little white eyeshadow in the middle of these C's. Keep them random so that they look more natural.Line your lower lash line with eyeshadow too.

4. Finish off the look with winged eyeliner, kajal and mascara.

5. Now, powder the rest of your face, clean up any fallout, use your favorite blush and a hot pink or red lipstick. With neon bright green I prefer red, but with hot pink or electric blue eyeshadow, pink lips might look better. If you're using orange, try a coral or peach lip. Experiment and find what looks good on your face. Don't let these steps restrict you because they're just guidelines :)

Red Lips
Pink Lips

Stay Beautiful Girls!


  1. I loveeeeet :D

    You must teach me your ways, wise one.

    1. I thought of this in my dreams in Lit class today.