September 22, 2012

Blue and Purple

Blue and purple is one of my favorite color combos for eye makeup. Both colors suit most skin tones, if worn in the right shades, and between a heavy and light look, these colors can be worn casually and formally, on jeans and saris. Check out this tutorial!

You will need:
Blue eyeshadow
Purple eyeshadow
(I used shimmery colors from the same palette, both shades are warm- for reference)
Your favorite highlighting eyeshadow
Eyeliner and mascara
Clear/shimmer/glitter lip gloss (depends on how heavy you want your overall look to be)

1. Start with a plain face. Fill your brows (if needed) and prime your lids. I used a shimmery silver cream eyeshadow. Regular primer, vaseline, cold cream or lacto-calamine will work as well.

2. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the blue eyeshadow onto your lid, starting from the inner corner till about half your lid is covered. You may or may not extend the color above the crease, depending on whether you're attempting a light or heavy look. I extended.

3. Apply the purple eyeshadow to the outer half of your lid. The shape in which you extend the pigment is up to you. Since I crossed my crease line with the blue, I'll do the same with the purple.

4. Next, use your favorite highlighting eyeshadow. For a more casual look, just dab some under the arch of your brow. My choice was a heavier look, so I highlighted whatever bit was left on top of the blue+purple. Also use the same eyeshadow to highlight your inner corner. Using the blue or purple on an eyeliner brush, line your lower lash line.

5. To finish off the eye makeup, apply eyeliner in whatever style you want, mascara and kajal. Use a white eye crayon on your waterline if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter. I prefer kajal, so I lined my waterline half white and half black.

6. Finish off with a suitable foundation routine, a light shimmery blush in pink or peach (you could skip the blush and use bronzer if you want to), and lip gloss of your choice.

Pictures of the finished look:


Hope you like it! Stay pretty!!

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