October 05, 2012

Anytime, anywhere- Gold & brown

Gold and brown is one of the most perfect combination for Indian skin tones. Whether a person is dark skinned or fair skinned, gold and brown are two colors that always beautify Indian eyes. The best part about this combo is that it suits all eye colors too! Find out how to create a look that can be worn anytime, anywhere, by following these steps!

You will need:
1. Primer
2. Light/bright gold eyeshadow
3. A medium brown eyeshadow
4. Dark brown eyeshadow
5. Black eyeshadow (optional)
6. Eye shadow and eye liner brushes
7. Eyeliner and mascara
8. Kajal and white crayon
9. Nude-brown lipstick or lip gloss.

Here's how to achieve the look:

1. Prime your eyelids and fill in your eyebrows if required. Keep your face bare.I have used a thin layer of Vaseline.

2. Dust the gold eyeshadow all over your lid. Extend it only slightly above the crease line.

3. Use a medium brown eyeshadow to create a "<" shape in the outer corner of your lid. Blend this well. At this stage (at least in the pictures), the brown is not very visible.

4. Go over the medium brown eyeshadow with a darker brown color. This will create more depth to the look. The different shades of brown will help in blending the colors easily. The darker color helps to contour your eye while enhancing the look itself.

5. If you want to, you could further enhance the depth by blending black eyeshadow into the crease area (I skipped this step). Also, liquid eyeliner will look very harsh on this look, with all the blending. So, I recommend using dark brown/black eyeshadow to line your upper and lower lids. Use the gold eye shadow on your brow bone and inner corner as well. Apply kajal or use a white eye crayon on your water line and finish off with mascara.

6. Conceal your dark circles, if you have any. This is important because the different shades of brown will enhance the shadows around your eyes. Follow up with your regular foundation routine, use a bronzer or neutral colored blush and a brown/nude shade of lipstick or lip gloss.

(Photo taken with flash) :D

Hope you enjoy the post! Stay pretty :)

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  1. very helpful one for concealing signs of sleepless nights..... shud have learnt abt this earlier ....