October 17, 2012

Blue and Plum: Fashion request

I finally got around to preparing a tutorial for this look. I got a couple of requests by email, so here it is! I tried to make it as easy as possible, but it requires a steady hand and a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover (or moisturizer) to achieve perfection :P

In order to achieve this look, you will need:

Close up of the eye
 Heavy duty primer
Eyeshadow brushes
Angled brush
Dark purple/plum eyeshadow (1)
Bright blue eyeshadow (2)
Darker purple eyeshadow (3)
A dark maroon or berry colored lipstick
Highlighting and contouring makeup

1. Prime your eyelids. Be generous and also apply to your lower lash line. Basically, you need to prime all the areas where you will be applying eyeshadow.

2. Using an eyeshadow brush apply eyeshadow 1 to your lid. Use strokes that move from the outer corner towards the inside. Cover half your lid and extend the color above the crease line and outwards in a long V shape (like in the picture). Also drag the color inwards and follow the shape of your  eye socket and nose bridge. Leave a little space under your eyebrow for highlighting.

3. Now, apply the blue color (2) in the empty space near your inner corners. Make sure you blend the blue with the purple in the middle of your lid, and pull some pigment down near your inner corners. Since this is a heavy look, use small amounts of eyeshadow at a time. Layer the eyeshadow to create opacity. If you apply too much at once, there will be way too much fallout, and your look will be untidy. Keep a cotton ball or Q-tip handy to wipe whatever little fallout you get.

4. Next, apply the dark purple (3) to your lid. Do not extend this color above the crease line. Use it to push back the blue (basically, cover it up), till 2/3rds of you lid is purple. Using the same color on an eyeliner brush, darken the thin streak of purple above the blue in the inner corners. This will give you the contoured effect that the model has in the original picture.

5. Finally, line your lower lash line with the color 1 and color 2 and highlight your brow bone. This look does not use eyeliner, so just apply kajal, curl your lashes and apply generous amounts of mascara to the top and bottom. If you want, you can use false eyelashes or demi(half) lashes. I haven't used any. For girls with thin lashes, check out my trick to get thicker looking lashes.

6. Finish off with your concealer-foundation routine. Contour your cheekbones (temples are optional), apply a very natural blush/bronzer and highlight your T-zone, cheeks and nose-bridge. Apply the lipstick and dab a tiny amount of clear gloss or vaseline in the center to make your lips look fuller.

A job well done I feel- Your views?

If you want a more wearable look, try nude lips instead.
Hope you like this tutorial! Stay pretty! xoxo


  1. dude .... this ..... is ..... amazing man .... i want this .... i so want this ....

  2. Stunning. I am SO goona try something like thiss for New Years :D Thankss Snehaaa!