October 15, 2012

Sand 'n' Sea

I love beaches!! The golden sand and the blue water look so beautiful in sunny weather! I just could not resist doing a look inspired by the sand and the sea...

To get this look, here's what you will need:
Bright gold (or sand-colored) eyeshadow
Bright Blue eyeshadow
Sparkly white eyeshadow
Fluffy brush
Eyeshadow brush
Eyeliner, kajal, mascara
Bright pink lipstick/lip gloss.

1. Prime your eyelids. You don't need a heavy duty one. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the 'sand' eyeshadow the inner half of your eye. Use strokes that move from the inner corner to the middle of your eye. Extend the color above the crease line.

2. Take about an inch of tape. Remove some of the glue by sticking it on your hand and peeling it off twice. Now stick it on your eye like this: 

3. Using your eyeshadow brush, apply the 'Sea' (blue) eyeshadow now. Use strokes that move from the outside to the middle of your eyelid. make sure you blend both colors in the middle.

4. Now, peel off the tape. Using a plain fluffy brush, soften the sharp edges of the blue. Highlight your brow bone using the shimmery white eyeshadow. Doesn't that remind you of the sky? Also, line your lower lash line with the 'sand' and 'sea' colors :)

5. Lastly, line your waterline half white and half black. Curl your eyelashes and apply super thin eyeliner and loads of mascara.

6. Finish off with your concealer-foundation routine. Since this a beach inspired look, I would definitely suggest using bronzer. If not, use a peach-pink blush on your cheeks and a bright pink color on your lips. Don't forget to wear a smile!!

Stay pretty girls!! xoxo


  1. its hard work .... but a gud nyc beach look .... actually it will luk gud wid anything ....

  2. i hope u get inspired more often .... i hope like the sand n beach some time the sunset also inspires u .....