December 02, 2012

Formal Makeup for the Workplace

The time you spend at work everyday can be very stressing on your body and your mind. Why not ease the stress that too much makeup puts on your skin and follow a light-makeup routine for everyday purposes?

Office makeup should be kept towards the neutral and minimalistic side. In order to achieve this look, you will need:
Taupe eyeshadow (shimmery or matte)
Gold eyeshadow
Highlighting eyeshadow
 Kajal, liquid liner and mascara
Contouring powder
Bronzer/natural blush
Nude lipstick or lip gloss

1. Use the Taupe eyeshadow as a wash all over your eyelid, extending it slightly above the crease. If you don't like taupe, just use and eyeshadow that is 1-2 shades darker than your eyelids.

2. Using the golden eyeshadow, blend in a thick line. Don't color all the way till the crease, but make sure it covers your lid when your eyes are open. The Taupe wash will add more depth to your eyes because it contrasts with the gold.

3.Finish off the eye makeup with simple black liquid liner, kajal and 2 coats of mascara. Kajal is optional; I use it in all my tutorials because I wear it all the time, out of habit. Use your favorite highlighting eyeshadow and highlight your brow bone and inner corner.

4. Make up the rest of your face now. Foundation routine, followed by contouring, blush and lipstick. Since this is a minimalistic formal look, use a matte brown, nude or natural-pinkish lip color. Do not use a very bright or bold lipstick, unless you can carry it off in your workplace. A bare-minimum look goes best with work-wear.

Pulling your hair back looks more professional than letting it down
Always smile and be confident :)

Hope this tutorial is useful! Stay pretty!!


  1. hey nyc way to impress ur boss n co workers .... he he he ....

  2. people need to go thru this....some jus over do their make up n end up lookin like a clown or as if ur goin to party instead of work! :D

    1. ds ee ex py
      ey es pe dx
      ex py ds ee
      pe dx ey es

      like a latin square you are beautiful,you are unique to in each way.