December 03, 2012

When Death Knocks..

Hey guys! I decided to create this post for those of you who have sent me emails regarding how my passion for makeup is useful in life. Well, for starters, I make-up models for fashion photography shoots! Keep reading to know a little more about a concept shoot called "When Death Knocks".

I worked with a photographer friend of mine called Clint Soman. He came up with a dream vs reality concept which I found very interesting. Please visit his Facebook page to check out his work. He's very talented! I think he also has a blog...

So after my classes one day, I met Clint at a mall close to college and we went to the models house. I started with the makeup, and once that was done, I sat back and watched Clint climb on to furniture and lie down on the floor to get good clicks!

I was the killer hahaha!
If you want to chek out the entire album, like the facebook page and check out the album "When Death Knocks".

I think that doing a few shoots every month gives me more than just college to worry about. It's fun and serious at the same time. Its like taking a passion and turning it into a profession... though the process will be slightly slower for me since I have other things to focus on right now.

Its very important to carry yourself like you know what you're doing. Since I'm a student and, as of now, makeup is just my passion/hobby, many people judge me because they think I'm just fooling around. But once everything is done and the results are ready, people realize that I am good, and that's how I started working with photographers. Its all a matter of being persistent and not giving up because you don't make a flying leap into your field of interest. Sometimes, the process is slow and you need to be patient. Guaranteed, it will always be worth it :)

Stay pretty and stay focused!


  1. wow .... terrific concept ... do put up the pictures of that shoot ....

  2. Seen the album. AMAZING photography :D

  3. nice work sneha! :D


    Prank of when death knocks!!!!

    When JDF knocks

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