December 21, 2012

LGBT Nude shoot with Bangalured

Surgical tape!
Over the 15th and 16th of December, I was busy with a nude shoot with people from the LGBT community in Bangalore..

I was working with another lady, Priya Manjunath, who is an extremely talented makeup artist. The shoot was for a magazine called Bangalured, which I also wrote an article about college dress codes and street fashion for.

I learned a lot from Priya over the weekend and I'm so glad we got to work together! We even learned this new trick in which flat eyebrows can be made to look more arched by pulling the forehead up with surgical tape! (Check the picture)

Amateurish photo of my makeup mask
This shoot was so much fun. Learned a lot about contouring, brush use, product use and all that. Even got a bonus Tarot card reading :P Yay! Encore!

PS: Keep checking the Bangalured website for the release details. I hear the cover photo is going to be a photo with the makeup mask! Yippee!

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