December 05, 2012

How it all started..

I've loved makeup for as long as I can remember! I thought it would be fun to post one about my journey(?) :) Keep reading..

When I was a little girl, I loved dressing up and using lipstick! I particularly loved bindis!! When I was a toddler, I'd stick them all over my face. [Once my aunt was cutting lady-finger and I thought the sticky pieces of bhindi were bindis -.-"]

My mom would dress me up and take me for kids beauty pageants in America and I'd always win :P

I loved wearing long dresses. For Halloween I was a bride :P I also started practicing on my younger sister's face. I would make her up and dress her up every Sunday and my mom would click our photos!

sorry this photo is so blurry :P 

I kept practicing on my sister as we grew up. Occasionally, I'd make myself up too.

My little sister then grew out of her dressing-up age and started a crusade to save the environment :(
 So, in my high school years, I practiced on myself and took photos :P My mum's friend Mona was the one who got me hooked to eye makeup! LOVE!!

I watched a lot of videos on YouTube, practiced a lot on anyone who volunteered to be my guinea pig, experimented with different trends in makeup and finally, I created this blog. I must say, creating this blog was a big step because this is how I started getting approached for fashion photography makeup.

The best part is that everyone I know has always been so supportive. As a kid, nobody ever told me that I was wasting my time. I think I grew a lot because of that. In the future, I plan to study makeup professionally and take it up as a career. I can't wait!!

Stay pretty!! xoxo


  1. u wer a very cute n gorgeous kid ... u truly have carried on ur talent girl ....

  2. That is a really nice story of how you got into this art. I hope you go on to become a successful makeup artist in the future.

  3. Thats a fantastic life story! Nicely put!

  4. vary naice. it is vary naice to know abt ur childhood. vary cute agnel. :)

  5. Good stuff dude! Such a cute kid you were.

  6. Olalaaaaa!!! u seemed to hav evolved beautifully! :)

  7. So thats how you grow upto be a very beautiful woman :) Impressive, sneha!

  8. Very cute! I had no idea you were in Beauty Pageants in that was an experience ;-) Keep it up girl, you're doing a great job!!

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